This renovation project in Queens, NY, focused on the first floor of a multi-family home. It aimed to create a spacious and welcoming environment for a young couple and their new baby. The goal was to provide a comfortable space for the family to enjoy together.

YEAR 2022


TYPE Residential

Residential Project

Corridan - Home Redesign

In this multi-family home renovation in Queens, NY, the first floor was designed for a young couple and their newborn baby. The goal was to create a more open and inviting space for the family to enjoy.

We modified the house layout by connecting the kitchen and living room to attain our goal. We expanded the seating area by utilizing some of the space from the neighboring bedroom. A new curved wall was constructed to divide the kitchen and bedroom, and it was adorned with handmade subway tiles installed vertically to provide texture and warmth to the area.

We also added a new staircase leading to the lower level of the house, where we created a lounge area with a TV and a bar.

On the lower level is also located a studio apartment. In this space, glass panels were installed to bring privacy to the sleeping area, allowing natural light to flow through the room while providing a sense of privacy.

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